Design with style & flair

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True lasting design is in the details.  The harmonious connection of individual elements makes up a pleasing whole project.  Simple or complex, these elements are my hammer and chisel, the tools which I use to craft meaningful, beautiful, functional or inspirational compositions in a variety of forms.


Web & Graphic Design

Seeing websites as more than just information, why not make it a place that is fun to view or graphically balanced.


Character Development

Start with a pencil and idea than follow through with color and then the idea comes to life.



Having the ability to capture the best view or expression through the camera lens helps in creating more interesting art, graphics and or media material.


Fabricating Dreams

It is important to bring to life what comes from the imagination to the world of reality.

More Information

Website Design

Company Identity: Logo design, business cards brochures, signage

Research and Development: Prototype illustrations, pen and ink, pencil sketches, 3-D renderings, CAD for prototype or architectural

Illustrations: Story-boards, book illustrations, character building.

Fabrication: Stained glass, metal sculpting, steampunk design with mechanical functions.


More Art Samples



There are many artist out there and it can be a challenge to stand out as different, unique, and cutting edge. Competition is welcome it makes for growth and is good practice. Experience and imagination speaks for its self, bring your idea or challenge here and watch it grow into something beautiful.