Few Words About The Artist


Born in Pasadena, California, Paul Herek was early inspired by the simplicity of the organic arts and life style of his boyhood hometown, as well as by the zaniness and imaginative wonder evoked in nearby Hollywood, that towering mecca for creative genius.    

A self-taught artist, he began drawing at age 7, showing a precocious talent for capturing both realism and whimsy.  A superb alchemist of idea and design, Paul has translated the heart of his artistry into a variety of media:  illustration, art glass, graphic representation, architectural and furniture design and renderings, and both utilitarian and fantastical three-dimensional sculptural pieces. 

As the owner of Avalon Glass Studio in the 1990’s, Paul achieved notoriety for his original Arts & Crafts window and door panel designs, and was called upon by the City of Santa Rosa, CA to restore the original floral etched glass panel of the historic Luther Burbank home which had been vandalized.  In addition to his commission work, Paul also delighted in teaching adult classes in fine art and art glass.

Increasing demand for his illustration and rendering skills has emerged over the last decade as well as his own heightened interest in the burgeoning steampunk phenomenon.  Paul has designed and built many steampunked objects, including a functioning computer monitor, hanging lamps, bicycle carts and jet pack gear.  The complex clockwork elements of the steampunk style greatly appeal to Paul’s sense of humorous inventiveness and have endless applications.

In continuing to explore and hone his gifts, Paul says, “It’s a joy to work together with a client to capture the sense and vision of what is wanted and then to realize that vision with a finished product.  I thrive on the collaborative process  -- the fusion of ideas, progression and art.

"It's not what you know or who you know, It is the ability to know ones self that makes the difference in life" Paul Herek./